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Huge Happy Flowers on Itoh Peony

Here is a photo of me with Melanie Jane’s (my step daughter) new Itoh Peony.    Check out this improved cultivated variety of peony with strong stems and huge rain resistant flowers.  Look at the variation of flower petal colors.  The newest flower is much darker than the oldest flower.  Who can resist such gorgeousness!!!  Plus the plant is […]

Itoh Peony Low Maintenance Beauty

Itoh Peony – Low Maintenance Beauty and Thrills for All What’s all the fuss about the new Itoh (say it Eeetoe) peony?  These new plants eliminate the only weak point of the old fashioned peony, the weak stems which can really spoil the flowers in our often wild and wet spring weather. Okay, they do […]

Portland Garden Designer’s Holiday Gift Ideas

Portland Garden Designer’s Gift Ideas Here are my favorite items to give as gifts.  The Tilley hat, favorite therapeutic hand cream, inexpensive gloves, Garden Design Magazine, plants as gifts and pruning tools. The Tilley Hat You can buy a Tilley hat at REI, Bonnet in NW Portland at Bonnet or on line.  I love my summer (Hemp fabric) Tilley […]

Mental Health Benefits of Gardening

Growing a new Perspective on Mental Health Tending the land to grow your own vegetables is an exceptional way to improve your diet, but access to unprocessed food at your doorstep isn’t the only reason to dig in the dirt. A recent study published by ScienceDirect clearly outlines the fact gardening has a positive effect […]

Sheri loves the views from inside her home

My client, Sheri Mead, sent me this note from Camas, Washington.  What she had to say points out several important garden design concepts: “Hi Carol, I thought of you this morning as I got to the bottom of my stairs, turned the corner and was greeted with a happy, bright pink display of peonies in […]