Donna Burdick and Jamie Hansen lost their home to a fire December 9th-Please help

Posted on: December 11, 2012

Landscape contractors Donna Burdick, ANLD member, & her partner Jamie Hansen, of D and J Landscape Contracting in WA suffered a terrible tragedy this weekend. Their home burned to the ground and three of their beloved dogs died in the fire. Donna suffered 3rd degree burns going back in to try and save their dogs. There is a Chip-In account set up to help collect donations. They have a place to live and given the alternative they are as ok as you can be under these circumstances.  Feel the love?

Donna and Jamie collaboratively install many gardens for a variety of landscape designers including me, Carol Lindsay.  Lets do our bit, fund raise and send some love to our work associates and friends-if you can’t figure out how to use the widget for pay pal you can call Carol Lindsay at her office  503-223-2426  and she will provide information so you can send a check.  The widget for giving with pal pal is only good til January 6th.