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Gaultheria Salal in NE Portland garden

Drought tolerant plantings in NE Portland Salal, Salvia and low water native dogwood tree 'Venus'

Simm photo in NE Portland with Venus Dogwood, Salal and Salvia Greggia

backyard rough grass garage wall and tiny deck N Portland

N Portland back yard Hilary design from 2023 ON Client provided before pics

finished modern paver patio in tiny city property with people standing on it

TIF WI Grant Park neighborhood angled patio of castone olmpic pavers with Donna Burdick, Alana Chau and Hilary Hutler on it.

Before landscape design tiny back yard with dead grass and big trampoline

Tif Wil tiny back yard with big trampoline in it

Before landscape design dead grass and narrow city property side yard

TIF WIL Before photo of side yard Grant Park Neighborhood