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Installed Castone pavers for patio close up with shoes standing on the patio

TIf WI Castone Olympic rectangular pavers for patio with AC’s boots in photo

finished modern paver patio in tiny city property with people standing on it

TIF WI Grant Park neighborhood angled patio of castone olmpic pavers with Donna Burdick, Alana Chau and Hilary Hutler on it.

Castone Paver Patio for small city property side yard Grant Park Neighborhood NE Portland

Tif Wil castone paver patio side yard with angle in Grant Park Neighborhood

patio with modern fire pit lush plantings covered dining area back yard in Irvington neighborhood of NE portland oregon

Liin WHI AN DA Back yard in Irvington neighborhood after design installed with fire pit

Side Yard Treatment crushed rock and foundation well with cover in Laurelhurst Back Yard

pic by DB or Alana? shows bench crushed rock and j anemone at LIN WH After Side yard South side