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Palmore Curb Appeal Garden Design


Drought Tolerant Planting for Updated Garden Curb Appeal

Palmore front yard after landscape update.Carrie is a real estate agent and understands the importance of curb appeal.  She wanted some for her own home.  She hoped for colorful easy care plants, low water needs and a good winter look as well as the other seasons.

Palmore home in need of landscape curb appeal update.

Before Landscape Design in a Day

The low rock wall next to the driveway was supposed to add interest to the front entry area, instead it blocked the flow to the front door,  it had to go!

Keeping some existing mature plants helped keep costs down and made the new landscape look mature right away.  We were able to use them beautifully.

By the end of our design day we were both happy and exhausted.

Palmore front yard landscape update.We added a Crape Myrtle,  (Lagerstromia ‘Natchez’)  which has 4 season beauty; beautiful bark in winter, nice leaves in spring, summer flowers and hot fall color. Ornamental fountain grasses were combined with my favorite Echinacea (Coneflower) ‘Kim’s Knee Hi Red’,  Heather,  dwarf creeping ferns, and several evergreen ground covers.

We kept the Japanese Maple, weeping blue conifer, two gold Mexican Orange shrubs,  Hellebores and Daphne.

Planting day for drought tolerant & other Portland area plants.

Planting day

“I’ve worked with Carol Lindsay and Landscape Design in a Day before on my back yard and it was a great experience.  When it was time to take on my front yard I knew we were in good hands.  There was no way I was going to hire someone else.  I’m so happy I invested in this plan – the fact that I can divvy up the sections and work on it in pieces makes it perfect for me.   I highly recommend working with a professional to get a plan.”  Carrie Palmore 

Update your curb appeal with drought tolerant Portland plantings and all season plants! Start the process by filling out our contact form.

Sheri loves the views from inside her home

flower shot of itoh peony

Rain does not spoil this ‘Itoh Peony’ flower

My client, Sheri Mead, sent me this note from Camas, Washington.  What she had to say points out several important garden design concepts:

“Hi Carol,

I thought of you this morning as I got to the bottom of my stairs, turned the corner and was greeted with a happy, bright pink display of peonies in full bloom.

Spring rain does not spoil this flower.  I thought back on how much time and effort you put into envisioning the garden from the inside of the house, anticipating what would be showcased at various angles.”

Confetti Willow

Easy care ‘Confetti’ willow in the perfect shade of pink

Sheri’s note points to design principles that can make your gardening experience more enjoyable and give you the results that you crave:

  • Envision the view of your garden-to-be from inside your home.  What views of which plants would make you smile?  This is the way your designer thinks.
  • Use plants to bring the outside into your home.  The pink and white plant color scheme of Sheri’s flower garden matched her favorite room in the house, the master bedroom and sitting area.
  • Choose long-lasting varieties to extend your viewing pleasure.  Note Sheri’s reference to the special rain resistant variety of peony Carol selected.  Remember the possibilities of variegated foliage as in the willow.  We used sun tolerant white hydrangea with Salix Integra Hakuro Nishiki ‘Confetti’ willow shrubs and peonies for 6 months of color and winter interest from red willow stems.
Too cute pink and white ball hydrangea

Colors for Sheri – Hydrangea Paniculata ‘Pink Diamond’

Her Landscape Design in a Day included several planting compositions intended for viewing from inside the home.  Once we completed her design, the clients were very hands on.  I ordered plants and on site I coached her brother Rick on how to plant them properly.  Rick also built an arbor room using a design we “borrowed” from my portfolio.

As Sheri said, “Mission accomplished!”


Curb Appeal Before and After

These clients are the ultimate DIYer’s, remodeling their home and not afraid to tackle the landscape.  Their home had no curb appeal, no path or front porch and their single story home was dwarfed by a huge conifer with apparent structural problems.  The Chambers were planning to fix their home up and sell it.

This house needs curb appeal!

This house needs curb appeal!


The house had cute bones so we added a porch and two paths which gave us a chance to place softening plants.  The low front fence complemented the cottage style of the house and integrated yard and home.

Regarding our Landscape Design-in-a-Day process with Carol Lindsay:

“We had a great time doing the yard and we did definitely enjoy it.  The yard was a huge selling point as we had great curb appeal…. we sold after only 7 days on the market for over asking price. 

After design photo (close up)

“The yard was a huge selling point as we had great curb appeal…we sold after only 7 days on the market for over asking price.”

So we definitely did something right!  Thanks so much for your help in making it beautiful. We will keep you in mind with our new house and definitely as a referral.”
Thanks, Lila   Camas, Washington

When they moved we did another Design-in-a-Day for their new backyard.  Which they of course are installing themselves.


Amazing curb appeal by DIYer's

After Landscape Design in a Day and my clients hard work.