6 Tips to Prep Your Garden for Winter

Posted on: December 2, 2011
  1. Winterize your irrigation system. This may mean flushing out an older system, or just draining your drip system.

    Hen and Chicks

    Remember: no mulch over your Hen and Chicks

  2. Bait for slugs all through fall and early winter.
  3. Don’t bait for slugs if you live in the woods, you will kill all the big native slugs who don’t even eat Hostas, or your garden plants. Instead don’t plant things the little gray french slugs like. It is easy to do, just ask your designer or give me a call to schedule a garden coaching session.
  4. Schedule your winter mulch application for last week of November through mid-December. If you can’t stand being out in December’s cold—do it now.
  5. Hire a blowing service such as Bark Blowers. Did you know they will blow the good Mighty Microbe Mulch instead of bark dust for you if you know to ask them. Email me for contact info.
  6. Did you mulch? Great, now go back out and un bury all the crowns of your plants, especially if you blew in the mulch. Some gardeners cover plants with black nursery pots to try to avoid having the crowns buried. A buried crown often means a rotted plant come spring.