Catio Tour – Patio hang out for you and your pets

Posted on: September 19, 2013
Perfect patio is pet friendly and lets cats be outside and safe.

This enclosed patio for cats and their humans is airy and elegant.

Last weekend I toured 16 Catios (patio enclosures for humans and their cats) on the first-ever Catio Tour.  This tour is the brainstorm of the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and the Audoban Society of Portland.  Audoban’s idea being that fewer songbirds will be made a meal of if more of us contain our cats.

This is sure to be the new trend in gardening and landscaping since as a gender women tend to love gardening and cats.  Many of the Catios were very simple affairs that let cats come outside through a window and climb around in a 6 x 4 cats only enclosure.  Others were made so the cats and their humans could pal around outside in purrfect comfort. The tour was friendly and fun and very well attended.  I’m looking forward to incorporating some of what I saw into designs for my clients who want to enjoy the company of their cats outdoors in the same way as they do indoors.