Full Season Color for a No Lawn Entry Garden

Posted on: April 3, 2014

My client Susan is a gardener’s gardener.  Susan wanted a colorful no-lawn entry garden for her picturesque Craftsman bungalow.   Spending time puttering in her yard with her dog Peanut was a joy; full time maintenance, not so much.   She turned to Landscape Design in a Day for help.

Although Homely, the front yard had two strong points---- a picturesque Craftsman bungelow, a fabulous porch and an amazing mature red Japanese Maple. She wanted a cottage garden style to go with her home but didn't want to spend all her time maintaining it.

BEFORE: The front yard had two strong points – a picturesque Craftsman bungalow, a fabulous porch and an amazing, mature red Japanese Maple.


  • Skinny front yard – little depth
  • South facing  hot sun
  • Base of porch looks unfinished
  • Side facing front walk was not inviting

A wonderful entry garden path set by stone artist, Brian Woodruff with
D&J Landscape Contractors

Susans Garden Path November 2012

This garden path provides double duty, easy access to plantings for the gardener and adds long lasting natural elegance to the design.

mikkleson halfway

First, we added drama to the front porch with a custom stone planter.

Full Season color at the front door

Stone planter creates finished look for front porch and dramatic full season color plantings











All  season color at the front door provided by evergreen rock rose, coral bell, cape fuschia and coneflower.

Details of walkway plantings

Textural plants such as Sedums, Hens and Chicks provided by my plant broker Roger Miller.

These plants love the hot south sun, provided long blooming periods and attracted hummingbirds.

Susan's red maple

Corrective and artistic pruning for the mature Japanese Maple provided by arborist Ann Taylor

After Design in a Day
AFTER: Landscape Design in a Day











Great results are what happens when I can share experienced professionals with my clients.