Garden Tip: Slug Love

Posted on: December 9, 2011

Slug Love

Here come Paul and Mary kissing in a tree, K I S S I N G……………Well, slug love is like most other kinds of love and produces little slugs sooner rather than later.  Right now they are curling up under your fallen leaves making prospective little slugs and laying eggs. These next few weeks are your last chance to dent the slug population before they disappear leaving their eggs for you to deal with in the spring.. This is the best tip, and many people are surprised because it is not what we have all been told in other gardening lessons. Here’s how to get rid of pesky slugs safely and successfully.

Slugs on a Date

Read on:  Please remember that if you put out enough bait for an army of slugs, you will call an army of slugs. They will eat the bait but not die right off, giving them time to peruse your plants and lay eggs.   Be discreet and be safe for your pets and others. Use pet safe slug bait cautiously and sparingly to entice the slugs at your house only!  In practical terms that means using 1 or 2 slug pellets a week for the entire back yard of a small property. SERIOUSLY. A slug’s brain is pretty much all nose.