Mushroom Season Dangerous to Dogs

Posted on: December 12, 2013
Dog with mushrooms

Are these mushrooms poisonous?

Mushroom season dangerous to dogs.

While walking with a friend and her dog in late November we noticed a miniature forest of mushrooms under a large tree right next to a dog park.  My advice is to presume they are toxic even though they may well be harmless.  Pick them as soon as you see them; (make sure you are wearing gloves) bag them and put them in the garbage and not in your compost.   When they are toxic they can be deadly.  Humans can have a liver transplant but dogs cannot.  Watch closely wherever you have removed trees.  The roots will decompose and fungi will grow.

“If your dog becomes ill, and you suspect mushroom ingestion, place the vomitus and any bowel movements in a plastic bag for identification, and refrigerate the bag. Try to have the contents identified within 24 hours. Notify your veterinarian that your dog may have ingested a mushroom, so that he or she can be alert to clinical signs that may require treatment.”

I’m not fond of creating blogs with scary content, but there are many people who do not know about poisonous mushrooms in their home landscape.